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LAHOTI specializes in providing a wide spectrum of multi-disciplinary professional services to several leading organizations in diverse fields. The firm represents a combination of specialized skills, which are geared to offer sound financial solutions and services. With a strong track record of delivering business value to over 100 clients across various sectors & processes, LAHOTI is a trusted partner for clients across industries.

All the partners of the firm have expertise in different areas and have vast experience in their relevant fields. Information Technology savvy, partners of the firm believe in growth, based on the knowledge and technology.

The incisive knowledge and the extensive experience of our partners and the team brings unmatched technical competence to support client's business objectives. The partners and senior members of our team are involved in all aspects of each client management. Some of the key services offered are grouped below:

Audit & Assurance Services

The Firm has implemented the latest methods for maximizing audit efficiency through a risk based international audit approach. This enables timely delivery and value added advisory services to clients. LAHOTI has a significant audit practice and is one of the top accounting firms in Eastern India .In addition to that, the firm also performs Tax Audits under the Income Tax Act.

Bank Audits

We also specialize in conducting statutory bank audits and had conducted successfully Allahabad Bank's three branches for consecutive two years. The detailed list is separately disclosed as "Annexure A." We have the forte in auditing skills, whether it is compliances audit, management audit or internal audit, system audit or internal control review and risk audit.

We will like to use our specialized skills to venture in other areas of banks audits like concurrent audit, revenue audit, IT audit etc.

Business Advisory Services

As the auditors of several companies, we are in a unique position to provide clients with constructive ideas and insights. Despite our close working relationship over the years, we are, in fact, outsiders to the clients organization and can therefore be objective in presenting our observations and suggestions. These relate to reportable conditions and other business processes, primarily at the enterprise level, which we note as by-products of our audit. These are followed up with a detailed study of all aspects of the Company's operations when so requested on a chargeable basis. These business advisory services are offered in the hope they will lead to a creative exchange of ideas, one which will result in meaningful actions to enhance the Company's growth and profitability, or, to benefit and strengthen the Organization, while enhancing the depth and value of the professional relationship mutually, for the client and the Firm.

Tax Services

Direct Tax Consultancy

Tax Management Services/Tax Appeals: Attending to the matters of tax laws compliance. Drafting and representing tax appeals before appellate authorities like Commissioners/Appellate Tribunal.

Tax Planning/Liaisoning: Advising clients on structuring tax-efficient business planning, including restructuring of business e.g. amalgamations/merger etc.

Liaisoning with Senior Tax Counsels for obtaining legal opinions, conducting tax litigations i.e. appeal court references and writ petitions etc.

Indirect Tax Consultancy

Indirect Tax Advisory : Advising Companies, Firms and Individuals on Tax Matters.

Indirect Tax Management : Attending to registration, renewals, periodic returns and compliances.

Appeals: Liaison with senior tax counsel for cases at Tribunal and High Court and for legal opinions.

Business Support Services

Business Support Services includes the following key areas of support and consulting:
Management Support:

  1. Entity Holding: Maintaining a registered office; appointing a authorized signatory for bank accounts and power of attorney for signing documents; storage of accounting records; organising insurance, assistance in locating office, factory or residential premises and related legal documentation.
  2. Budgetary and Management Control: Preparation of Revenue and Capital Budgets, monthly cash flow statements; periodic "Management Information Statements" compliance with the corporate policies.
  3. Registration with Government Departments: Provident Fund, Professional Tax, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise & Customs etc.

Book-keeping and Accounting :

Verification of invoices and releasing payments; preparation of cash/bank vouchers and cheques; running an accounting package, generation of ledgers and their scrutiny; preparation of the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account in accordance with the Indian GAAP; co-ordinating with auditors.

Banking & Regulatory Compliance :

Co-ordinating with bankers; issuance of the Foreign Inward Remittance Certificates; alerting on investment of surplus funds or repatriation of funds; Minimizing exchange risk; administering withholding tax on payments to vendors, employee; Filing of various statutory returns with authorities.